Cost Constraints

The variable total system cost \(\zeta\) is calculated by the cost function. In cases of CO2-minimization the total system cost is constrained by the following expression:

\[\zeta = \zeta_\text{inv} + \zeta_\text{fix} + \zeta_\text{var} + \zeta_\text{fuel} + \zeta_\text{env} + \zeta_\text{rev} + \zeta_\text{pur} \leq \overline{L}_{cost}\]

This constraint is given in by the following code fragment.

def res_global_cost_limit_rule(m, stf):
    if math.isinf(m.global_prop_dict["value"][stf, "Cost limit"]):
        return pyomo.Constraint.Skip
    elif m.global_prop_dict["value"][stf, "Cost limit"] >= 0:
        return(pyomo.summation(m.costs) <= m.global_prop_dict["value"]
               [stf, "Cost limit"])
        return pyomo.Constraint.Skip